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Monday, June 18, 2012


Telecom Management System - Java Project

  • Monday, June 18, 2012
  • Ravva Vamsi
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  • Telecom Management System - Java Project


    Telecom system automates the management of Telecom services, which involves customer applications, entries, and enquiries. Queries (complaints) & Complaints

    The customers are involved in the process of the customer registration and the entries based on the admin defining rules.

    Telecom System also maintains the database of the customer’s entries applications and enquires.

    About the Telecom Management System project
    The main theme of this project is automation of the Telecom System and process the all activities through on line. Here the main advantage of this system is to access this database globally for users.

    The customers see their connection status at any branch and also know their details at any branch. Here dynamically generated the reports like previous details of the customer,

    The main advantages of this system are to reduce the time and also manpower. These two factors are very important to improve any organization. This system mainly concentration on these factors.

    The main Factors of this system are:

    • customer
    • applications
    • Entries
    • Enquiries
    • Complaints
    • Software Requirements:


    Operating System ——– Windows XP
    Browser ——– IE, Mozilla, Chrome.
    Web/Application Server ——– Tomcat Server
    Database Server ——– Oracle Server
    Database Connectivity ——– JDBC Driver
    Other Tools & Technologies ——– Java (JDK), Servlets (JSDK), JSP

    Hardware Requirements:-

    Pentium processor ——– 4 GHZ or above
    RAM Capacity ——– 512MB
    Hard Disk ——– 40GB

    Download Source Code:- Click Here

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