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Monday, June 4, 2012


Web Traffic Analyzer - Dot Net Project

  • Monday, June 4, 2012
  • Ravva Vamsi
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  • Web Traffic Analyser Dot Net Project

    Description of the Web Traffic Analyzer :- DOWNLOAD PROJECT

    Purpose of the project:

    The purpose of this seminar report is to discuss issues related to traffic in Internet. As we know today's computing world mostly rely on Internet for its day-to-day activity. Almost each organization in world use Internet for its operation. But as Internet provides limited resources, there is a sort of competition of accessing resources. It provides traffic in the Internet. If this traffic is not handled carefully then it will result in congestion. So one must consider the facts related measuring and handling Internet traffic. Measuring the traffic of Internet can start this traffic management. Anglicizing of output of previous step may provide good simulation. This further useful to model traffic and use certain ways to provide good traffic management. Traffic management is key for quality of service. So one must consider the importance of work in this field. As in real world traffic inspectors control the vehicle traffic on the roads, same in Internet this work is done by traffic engineers. They control the traffic to provide best quality of service.

    What is Internet traffic?

    While discussing the issues of Internet traffic one must clear his concept about Internet traffic. Internet traffic can be defined in number of ways. But in simplest language we can define it as the density of data present in the Internet. In Internet then there are lots of communication devices accessing resources and getting request to carry out their work. Other type of communication devices may busy to respond the request by these devices. So there is lot of information exchange in Internet in form of request, response and control data. This data can produce an huge number of packets in Internet. Transforming such large data may cause load, which results slow down the operations of communication devices. Due to this other devices may get delay in communication activities. This ultimately results in congestion of Internet. This can be simple description of Internet traffic. In other words we can say that Internet traffic is load on communication devices or system.

    Main Features of the Controller

    1. Assumes equal traffic density on all the roads.
    2. Allows the pedestrians to safely cross the road during certain periods.
    3.Uses digital logic, can be easily implemented by using logic gates.
    4. Is generalized and can be used for different roads with slight modification.
    5. Can also be exercised manually when desired.


    Detector Processor/controller Storage


    Freeway Monitoring
    Actuated Signal Control
    Ramp Meter Control
    Road Discipline Enforcement
    Dynamic Traffic Assignment

    Traffic DETECTOR TYPES:-

    Inductive loops
    Radio frequency
    Global positioning system (GPS)
    Shares Of Detector Types at new ATMS Sites

    Presently the most new detector types are compatible with loop detectors.

    Using the loop detector speed of a vehicle can be estimated using the speed calculation algorithm.

    Now lets see the Traffic queue detection using Image Processing.

    After getting the images of the vehicle, they get analyzed.

    The Parameters get measured are traffic volumes, speed, headways, inter vehicle gap, junction turning, origin and destination of traffic.

    Stages Of Image Analysis

    a. The Image Sensors Used
    b. ADC Conversion
    c. Pre-processing

    Then the proposed picture is submitted to processor as 2-D array of numbers.

    Two jobs to be done

    a. Green light on

    b. Red light on

    Methods Of Vehicle detection

    a. Background frame differencing

    b. Inter frame differencing

    c. Segmentation and classification

    What Is .NET ?

    This chapter gives you an introduction to the .NET technology and explains what is .NET.

    .NET is a major technology change for Microsoft and the software world. Just like the computer world moved from DOS to Windows, now they are moving to .NET. But don't be surprised if you find anyone saying that "I do not like .NET and I would stick with the good old COM and C++". There are still lot of people who like to use the bullock-cart instead of the latest Honda car.

    The simple answer is 'it is the technology from Microsoft, on which all other Microsoft technologies will be depending on in future.'.

    .NET technology was introduced by Microsoft, to catch the market from the SUN's Java. Few years back, Microsoft had only VC++ and VB to compete with Java, but Java was catching the market very fast. With the world depending more and more the Internet/Web and java related tools becoming the best choice for the web applications, Microsoft seemed to be loosing the battle. Thousands of programmers moved to java from VC++ and VB. This was alarming for Microsoft and many of the Microsoft fan's kept on asking "is Microsoft sleeping?". And Microsoft had the answer. One fine morning, they announced : "We are not sleeping. We have the answer for you.". And that answer was .NET.

    But Microsoft has a wonderful history of starting late but catching up quickly. This is true in case of .NET too. Microsoft put their best men at work for a secret project called Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS)., under the direct supervision of Mr. Bill Gates. The outcome of the project is what we now know as .NET. Even though .NET has borrowed most of it's ideas from Sun's J2EE, it has really outperformed their competitors.

    Microsoft's VC++ was a powerful tool. But it was too complex. It has too many datatypes, and developers had to learn many libraries including WIndows SDK, MFC, ATL, COM etc. There were many datatype compatibility issues while exchanging data between different layers. Visual Basic was too easy, and many serious programmers hated it just for that reason. Even though Visual basic was very easy to use, it was not very flexible to develop serious applications. SUN's Java became a very good choice for these reasons. It had the flixibility and power of C++ and at the same time easy enough to catch the attention of VB programmers.

    Microsoft recognised these factors and they introducd the .NET considering all these factors. All unwanted complexities are eliminated and a pure object oriented programming model was introduced. This makes programmer's life very easy.

    .NET framework comes with a single class library. And thats all programmers need to learn!! Whether they write the code in C# or VB.NET or J#, it doesn't matter, you just use the .NET class library. There is no classes specific to any language. There is nothing more you can do in a language, which you can't do in any other .NET language. You can write code in C# or VB.NET with the same number of lines of code, same performance and same efficiency, because eveyone uses same .NET class library.

    What is .NET ?

    # It is a platform neutral framework.

    # Is a layer between the operating system and the programming language.

    # It supports many programming languages, including VB.NET, C# etc.

    # .NET provides a common set of class libraries, which can be accessed from any .NET based programming language. There will not be separate set of classes and libraries for each language. If you know any one .NET language, you can write code in any .NET language!!

    # In future versions of Windows, .NET will be freely distributed as part of operating system and users will never have to install .NET separately.

    What is Not ?

    # .NET is not an operating system.

    # .NET is not a programming language.

    ".NET is a framework"

    Are you confused by this definition? Well, that is OK. It is really confusing! We cannot define .NET as a 'single thing'. It is a new, easy, and extensive programming platform. It is not a programming language, but it supports several programming languages. By default .NET comes with few programming languages including C# (C Sharp), VB.NET, J# and managed C++. .NET is a common platform for all the supported languages. It gives a common class library, which can be called from any of the supported languages. So, developers need not learn many libraries when they switch to a different language. Only the syntax is different for each language.

    When you write code in any language and compile, it will be converted to an 'Intermediate Language' (Microsoft Intermediate Language - MSIL). So, your compiled executable contains the IL and not really executable machine language. When the .NET application runs, the .NET framework in the target computer take care of the execution. (To run a .NET application, the target computer should have .NET framework installed.) The .NET framework converts the calls to .NET class libraries to the corresponding APIs of the Operating system.

    Whether you write code in C# or VB.NET, you are calling methods in the same .NET class libraries. The same .NET framework executes the C# and VB.NET applications. So, there won't be any performance difference based on the language you write code.

    What is Visual Studio.NET ?

    Many people always get confused with Visual Studio .NET (VS.NET) and .NET technology. VS.NET is just an editor, provided by Microsoft to help developers write .NET programs easily. VS.NET editor automatically generates lot of code, allows developers to drag and drop controls to a form, provide short cuts to compile and build the application etc. VS.NET is not a required thing to do .NET programming. You can simply use a notepad or any other simple editor to write your .NET code!!! And you can compile your .NET programs from the command prompt.

    Well, what I said is true theoretically.. but if you decide to use notepad for .NET programming, by the time you develop few sample applications, Microsoft would have introduced some other new technology and .NET would be outdated. You may not want that. So, let us go by VS.NET, just like every other .NET guys.
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