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Sunday, September 22, 2013


136 Engineering Projects on "Embedded Systems"

  • Sunday, September 22, 2013
  • Ravva Vamsi
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  • 136 Engineering Projects on "Embedded Systems" for sale, want any project mail us to :

    1.                  Traffic signal Control system based on density.
    2.                  Ambient conditions monitoring and controlling system using  multiple sensor network
    3.                  Visitor counter based room light intensity control system.
    4.                  Automatic railway gates and signal monitoring system.
    5.                  Water tank level monitoring and control system along with protection of  motor from DRY RUN.
    6.                  Accelerometer based tilt alarm for vehicles along curves of ghat roads.
    7.                  Electronic menu for restaurants.
    8.                  Speed control at sensitive zones
    9.                  Visitor counter based ambient control system.
    10.              Home automation using sensor network.
    11.              Low cost OMR sheet evaluation.
    12.              Ultrasonic range finder.
    13.              IR based step count system.
    14.              Four channel password security system for multiple devices
    15.              Safety assistance for blind.
    16.              Bi- direction visitor counter based ambient control system.
    17.              IVRS (Auto answering machine).
    18.              Water height & Flow Analysis
    19.              Fire –smoke –heat automatic manual detector
    20.              64 bit Manchester code decoder
    21.              RTC  based automatic timers
    22.              Photo sensitive height measurement
    23.              PC  based oscilloscope
    24.              IR based smart home
    25.              Finger print security / Attendance PC - based
    26.              Video door phones
    27.              Heart pulse rate detector
    28.              Digital thermometer using DS 1602
    29.              Automatic path finder
    30.              Digital Dot matrix display
    31.              16  X 2  Dot matrix display controller ( ASCII)
    32.              Rotating device feed base control system
    33.              Remote switching using 8051 and telephone lines.
    34.              Data acquisition system using Micro-Controller 89C51 & PC  Temperature, Pressure, Voltage, Current level etc.
    35.              AC voltage regulator using micro controller
    36.              Electronic Weighing scale using micro controller
    37.              PC to PC Communication wire less using micro controller
    38.              Stepper motor controller using PC
    39.              Stepper motor controller using micro controller
    40.               PC Interface ON/OFF controllers using micro controller
    41.              Moving Display using micro controller
    42.              Flash Card Reader using micro controller
    43.              Data Logger using micro controller
    44.              Digital Speed Controller using micro controller
    45.               Digital speedometer using micro controller
    46.              Synchronous Timer ( Simultaneous Display) using micro controller
    47.              Flash or RFID based card door security using micro controller
    48.              Infrared Based ON/OFF Controls using micro controller
    49.              Password security for door locks using micro controller & EEPROM
    50.               Caller ID using micro controller
    51.               Bank token display using micro controller
    52.              Queless System using micro controller
    53.              Traffic Signal lights with digital display using micro controller
    54.              Lift control system using micro controller
    55.              8-BitCalculator using micro controller

    56.              Maximum Speed / Time recorder using micro controller  

    57.              Speed Measurement using Micro controller and Optical encoder
    58.              Level Measurement using ADC and Micro controller.
    59.              Temperature Measurement using DS1620(Without Sensors)
    60.              Passive infrared sensors for human body detection
    61.              Vibration sensing (Piezo electric method)
    62.              Wireless Key-Board using micro controller
    63.              PC to PC communication (IR based)
    64.              Sound intensity level detection using Micro controller
    65.              Turbidity measurement
    66.              PC based smart home
    67.              Traffic Signal lights using micro controller
    68.              Automatic Railway gates on/off control system using micro controller
    69.              Protocols b/w RTC & Micro controller
    70.              Protocols b/w EEPROM & Micro controller
    71.              Protocols b/w DS1620 & Micro controller
    72.              Auto Dim & Dip controls
    73.              Temperature protection using ADC & Micro controller
    74.              Frequency protection using ADC & Micro controller
    75.              Stepper motor direction & Speed control using Micro controller
    76.              Water tank auto control
    77.              Closed loop control system for voltage regulation (Micro controller)
    78.              Unit commitment using Dynamic Programming.
    79.              Embedded system based energy conservation system using PIR
    80.              Atmospheric temperature recording with time using LM35 and RTC  
    81.              RTC interfaced Programmable Auto-scheduler for multiple machines           
    82.              Electronic safety assistant for Blind
    83.              An autonomous automatic photovoltaic (solar) drip system
    84.              Humidity and temperature process monitoring on chemical lab          
    85.              Obstacle Detection system for Vehicle with Annunciation     
    86.              Remote Tank Level (Hi-lo) Signal Indicator And Control       
    87.              Illumination Brightness control using PWM technique
    88.              Precise and rapid multi channel temperature monitoring and control  
    89.              In system programmable embedded versatile collage bell       
    90.              Automatic random timer for home appliances based on PCI  
    91.              Inter-city street lighting automation and control using RTC
    92.              Energy-saver (anti-sweat heater) switch for refrigerator
    93.              Multi-sensor fire detector with voice alert and reduced false performance
    94.              Drunker driver indicator using passive alcohol sensor
    95.              Resident-detection and automation of home using PIR by PIC microcontroller
    96.              Auto digital-speed indicator with speed control
    97.              Multiple temperature monitoring & control with usage of precise LM35 sensors
    98.              Embedded system based door security system
    99.              Embedded system based IR switch board for modern house
    100.          Embedded system based attractive electronic voting machine
    101.          Embedded system based ultrasonic range finder
    102.          vehicle safety system with alcohol detector
    103.          Security for industrial with alert system using smoke sensor
    104.          Automatic room light controller with visitor counter
    105.          Digital code locking implementation for electrical devices on embedded platform
    106.          Auto power theft detection and method invention using an embedded system
    107.          Embedded based substation monitoring with control with announcement
    108.          Bidirectional open loop stepper motor speed control using 8051 microcontroller
    109.          Power station automation using PCI microcontroller
    110.          Servo motor speed controller with feedback based on embedded platform
    111.          Embedded system based automatic temperature controller
    112.          Embedded system based digital speed control of dc motor
    113.          Embedded system based intelligent electronic hardware lock
    114.          Embedded based automatic auditorium controller
    115.          Embedded system based power failure monitoring
    116.          Token number display for banks by using embedded system technology
    117.          Embedded based digital room attendance system enquiry
    118.          Attendance system for industries
    119.          Automatic washbasin system by object detection
    120.          An Anti-theft alarm for motorcycle
    121.          Automatic humidity control for refrigerator
    122.          Design and implementation of programmable priority time switch
    123.          12C (synchronous based) master-slave protocol implementation by 8051
    124.          Precise digital depth measurement by using PIC
    125.          16 Character commercially implement LCD Display (4-bit mode)
    126.          Vehicle speed, temperature, total distance traveled and fare monitoring system
    127.          Attendance Management System Based on PC
    128.          Water level monitoring and control using PC
    129.          Home appliance control through PC
    130.          PC based boiler control system
    131.          PC based fire sensing system in industries
    132.          Running message display with input on PC
    133.          Involuntary industrial power scheduler using embedded system
    134.          PC based machine shop automation
    135.          PC based electrical parameter monitoring
    136.          Fire detection and automatic intimation system.

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